Nano-BinTrash-Free Smoking

Nano-Bin helps smokers easily dispose of their cigarette butts.

It’s a paper-based pocket ashtray, made to reduce littering in a safe and convenient way. Say no to persistent hazardous waste – with Nano-Bin.

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Why you’ll love to use Nano-Bin

Cigarette waste: A concern for everyone

Cigarette waste: A concern for everyone

Worldwide, 4,5 trillion cigarette butts are thrown to the ground every year – that’s more than 150.000 per second. For the European taxpayers, this accounts for €13 billion of cleaning costs.

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1 in 4 Europeans is a regular smoker. Because of strict health regulations, smoking has been pushed out to the streets, bus stops and public squares. With no ashtrays or other opportunities for smokers to toss their cigarette butts away, litter is increasingly becoming a problem for communities and private property owners – and smokers themselves.

Cigarette butts contain persistent hazardous materials, such as cadmium, arsenic and lead. When discarding the cigarettes, these chemicals contaminate waterways and land. Tobacco-related products like cigarette butts, cellophane and cigarette packets account for 80 % of debris in urban environments. Cigarette butts that end up in waterways are also harmful to both freshwater and saltwater fish.

Tobacco companies are obliged to define sorting- and recycling processes for their packaging, but there is no regulation concerning the cigarette butts themselves. It is a forgotten but pressing issue – and there is a solution!

Litter-free streets and events with Nano-Bin

Local authorities and festival or events managers are only too aware that where there are people; litter and cigarette butts are abound. Nano-Bin offers an opportunity to both public and private organisations and companies to hand out Nano-Bins to your event visitors and thereby keep the streets free of cigarette litter.

How you can benefit from Nano-Bin

Nano-Bin was presented at European Parliament December 2016.

The Mayor of Robbio Italy Mr. Francese presents Nano-Bin for Italian Member of parliament Ms Lara Comi.

About Nano-Bin

Waste-Free Smoking

Hi, my name is Alice Hertz Dahl, and I’m the founder of Nano-Bin. Coming home from a party in Stockholm, I had to wait for the bus for more than 45 minutes. The bus stop was completely covered in cigarette butts – and there were no ashtrays! I realised that we need better ways to dispose of our cigarette waste to help keep our cities clean. The idea of a portable ashtray, that’s easy to store, safe, smell-free and sustainable began to emerge in my head. And here it is – the patented disposable ashtray Nano-Bin.