Why Nanobin?


Nano-Bin holds between 15-20 cigarette butts. (Yep, that’s about your entire packet.)

Pocket sized

Smaller than a cigarette packet and fits easily in your pocket.

Smell – free

Smell-free. No more stinky clothes, because being responsible shouldn’t stink.

Recycled Paper

No plastics. Fossil-free materials only. Our products are completely made out of paper.


Cigarette butts causes fires. That’s why ashtray’s need to be fire proof. A nano-coating inside make sure Nano-bin is airtight and fireproof.


Cigarette butts contain chemicals that should not end up in our bodies, cities or nature. Together we make sure they end up in the trash bin instead. Nano-Bin is disposable as household garbage and meets the EU standards.

Budget friendly

Nano-bin is as wallet-friendly as it is pocket-friendly in size.

Colours & Patterns

Nano-bin is available in as many colours as the rainbow.

Tell us which colour we should do next.


Put your brand on it. This might be a good idea if you are a hotelier, restauranteur or environmental organization.