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Nano-Bin is carefully developed to help you discard of your cigarette butts without having to deal with all the smell. Our patent pending solution means that all the smell that is usually associated with ashtrays is safely contained as soon as you push the lid back on.

Use Nano-bin by opening it, push the cigarette butt in the hole and close the nano-bin. The fire is put out within 2 seconds, your Nano-bin may heat up a bit. That is all. Put it back in your pocket next to your lighter or in your purse.

Nano-bin holds between 15-20 cigarette butts. When it is full or it starts to smell (that means it has reached it’s maximum capacity) throw it in your nearest garbage bin. It is sorted as household waste (EU Standard).

Do not attempt to empty Nano-bin, it is disposable and cannot be used again.

Nano-bin is smell-free, fire proof and air tight.

Price start at €12,85 for a package of 10 Nano-Bins including delivery.

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